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10107 MOTTER DR.

ATHENS, AL 35611



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 If Your Not Happy, I am Not Happy

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I love talking about guns as much as anyone, but honestly I get 5 to 6 calls a day from people who want to talk and share war stories. I simply can't accommodate that much time, it backs me up on the bench and like you, my clients don’t like it when I am late on things. Please email me about your project. Give me as much information as you can.  If email isn't an option for you, call and leave me a message.  It may take me a day or two, but I will try to call you back.  I look forward to meeting you.

Just for Fun


Who Made it and how common is it?

A) Made by Colt, and they are pretty common

B) Made by Colt and are very rare.

C) Made by S&W and never went into production.

D) Made by Browning Firearms and can still be had today.

Can You Identify this Revolver?

A) Is it a Smith & Wesson 357?

B) Is it a Charter Arms Magium?

C) Is it a Colt King Cobra?

D) How am I suppose to know that is why I am contacting you!!


How about this old Military Rifle?

A) German Mauser?

B) Springfield 1903 A3?

C) Russian Nagant 91/30?

D) I am hoping you know, I have no idea.

How many bullets can get stuck in a revolver barrel?

A) Does it depends on the barrel length?

B) Does it depend on the cylinder?

C) Does it depend on the shooter?

D) Happens more then you may think and most of the time I can save the gun!!

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