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10107 MOTTER DR.

ATHENS, AL 35611



NO B.S. Promise

 If Your Not Happy, I am Not Happy

All Work Guarantee


Lynn Ryle

Experienced Gunsmith

I am a trained and certified Gunsmith with a complete understanding of design and function of all types of Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles, both center fire and Rimfire. At any given time I typically have a dozen customer projects in the works varying from simple clean and tune to special customs. By far the majority of my business is what I call “Practical Gunsmithing”, fixing broken guns.

Approximately 30% of my work is shipped to me from clients who live around the country. Over half of my business is from repeat clients.

I do custom gunsmithing work. If you have a firearm you always wanted customized and need help or you simply have an idea for one you would like to get built, I can help.


All of my work is guaranteed with the promise of 100% satisfaction, if my

customers are not happy, I am not happy .

Simple no BS Promise!!

I have built dozens of variations of custom pistols and rifles. Repaired hundreds of customer’s firearms ranging from simple function and reliability issues to rebuilding old family heirlooms. Advance work with firing system design, S&W revolvers, 1911A pistols and extractors has allowed me to gain experience in reliability and dependability of firearms. Working with clients to accomplish their needs and desires I understand timelines, budgets, and creative solutions unique to the industry. Applying years of experience in problem solving and critical thinking to my experience in firearms I have been able to solve every gun related problem presented to me.

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Using SolidWorks 2013, design obsolete replacement parts.
  • Skilled in the use of a manual Bridgeport mill and lathe, along with most support tools
  • Comfortable with the use of all hand tools,
  • Solid understanding of record keeping practices and gun safety
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